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CODE: MULTI2024 • 12-22nd July 2024
CODE: MULTI2024 • 12-22nd July 2024


CHRISTMAS HAIR - What to wear?!

CHRISTMAS HAIR - What to wear?!

Hey Beautiful Wig Sisters!


Hope you are having a fab time and very soon to be in the festive spirit. I know that this time of year is difficult for many, and for so many reasons. 

If you are struggling at the approach of Christmas and with this time of year, then I genuinely send you all of my love and prayers that it can be a peaceful time, and that you can find comfort at a difficult time x 


Sooooooo my lovelies!...... we are already in NOVEMBER and about to hit December!!!!? ARGHHHH how did that even happen?

I am not quite sure! help?! Are you organised for Christmas? I am totally not sorted at all this year. This has to be the most disorganised I have been - although it is a comment I seem to say most years - I am getting worse!! 


So we are only a few wee weeks away from the day that many of us love so much. It can be such a special time to give and really give thanks for what we do have in life. x (me thinks)


One question I know that is on so many minds right now - what hair do we wear at Christmas?(or nights out, etceteras)......


This time of year is a time we often run low on cash (more so than usual), and I know it is the time I always want new hair, but cant tend to afford the style I want. x


I decided that MiMo should do something to help you beautiful girlies and guys out....... this is why for the month of December we will be offering 20% off on a specific brand each week! Keep your wee eyes peeled for offers. 


On top of the weekly wig offers for Christmas, we also have a weekly offer available for those of you beauties who have become "MiMo Members" (Wig Sisters I think we should say!) 

What is that? What is a MiMo Member? I hear some of you ask..... WELLLLLL, it is basically just a "sign up" to the site that allows you to have access to weekly offers - woohoo! This runs all year round at the moment. (I just LOOOOVE a bargain, so I feel that it is only right to offer you one, too!)


Previously, the MiMo Members codes have worked for everyone whether subscribed or not - the codes about to change, and will only be accessible to those signed up - a wee reward for you MiMo Wig Sisters.


SOOOOO my lovely girlies and guys - sometimes we can decide on a topper or wig that we want to wear, but HOW DO WE STYLE? 


Hairdressers can be expensive, and not everyone is comfortable taking a wig along to a hairdresser - I totally understand this. I also offer styling services, but again - this is a cost that is easily avoidable - and believe it or not, I want to help you guys - so I am endeavouring to start a wee styling section on my youtube.


I will absolutely aim to get some styling videos on for you! I will insert a couple below for you that are actually videos I have previously recorded via my YOUTUBE CHANNEL.


Whether you adore long goddess locks, short pixie hair...... Whether human hair, synthetic, straight or curly, we have it all at MiMo !


Here are a couple of videos for you that show some wig styling...... more with better quality to come soon!


Sending you all of my love, as always,





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