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CODE: BTEDRWJUNE2024 17-30 June 2024
CODE: BTEDRWJUNE2024 17-30 June 2024



Updated 15th March 2021



Which Countries do you ship to?

We use DHL Express as our shipping courier, and we do ship worldwide. If you are concerned about any shipping or restrictions, please contact us via our general contact form. 


Why Buy From MiMo? Do you have loyalty benefits?


You are the most important to us, at MiMo! As a thank you, and to try help all of our customers and show our gratitude, we do have some of the following benefits:

*for anyone who buys at MiMo:

• There are reward points with every purchase. These can be saved up to buy a gift card to use on other purchases (gift cards can be used alongside any discount codes)  

• Every month there are prizes and every customer who has purchased that calendar month is automatically entered for a chance to win a prize. These are:  

🧡 1x £ 100 gift card giveaway   

🧡  1x £ 50 gift card giveaway 

• For any of our customers outwith UK, duties and taxes are charged upfront so that there are no surprise charges from customs at the time of entry to your country.

Please note that if you do wish to order without paying upfront, we can also arrange this for you but you will be liable for these duties and tax charges as the items enter your country if you opt out of paying them up front.

• We will beat any other competitor price for any wig "like for like," If we can not, we will match the price and give you a free gift.


How can I change the currency to show my local pricing?

We have a currency selector at the bottom of the page. Prices shown on our website are charged in GBP (Great British Pounds) / Pounds Sterling. If you wish to change to your own currency and be charged in this, you must select your currency at the bottom of the page. MiMo Wigs Ltd has no influence over the exchange rate. 

If you choose not to use the currency selector, you will be charged in GBP (£)  


How will Brexit affect me since the UK left Europe from 1st January 2021?


From 1st January 2021, you will no longer pay VAT to MiMo Wigs Ltd if you reside in the EU. Only UK customers will be liable to pay MiMo Wigs Ltd VAT as per applicable by law.


From 16th January 2021, All pricing with DHL Express alows import duties and taxes as broken down at checkout price to be paid at TIME OF PURCHASE.

When you pay for Delivery Duties up front to MiMo Wigs Ltd, this covers costs as listed at time of checkout. Your shipment will be sent with DDP (Delivery Duties Paid) and relevant duties and taxes will be covered. MiMo Wigs Ltd will not be liable for any addition unlisted charges. By paying for Duties at taxes at time of checkout, you WILL NOT be charged a second time when the items reach your country


We continue to use DHL Express for all of our shipping both in the UK and abroad, as we believe that they provide the best worldwide service to our beautiful clients. Please note - if you are out with the UK, and you choose not to pay for duties or taxes, then you are liable for these costs at point of entry to your country. 

What size of Wig Will Fit Me?

Not everyone will fit perfectly to a single size, but it is important to measure your head and have this done regularly. 

We have a guide by Michelle showing the recommended method to measure your head



How Long Do Orders Take To Arrive?

We always say that it can take 10 working days for your order to arrive with us, although normally it is much sooner as we place DAILY orders with all of our manufacturers. We have no control over any delays with manufacturer stock, or with the customs and import times if affected by any external situations (ie. COVID-19).


What happens if my order is out of Stock?

If we do not have your wig ready to ship immediately, and the manufacturer does not have any stock - it can mean that there will be an additional wait time. We always try to inform you of this as soon as we are told by our manufacturing partners. 

If there is a delay to your order, and an item is on back order - we will ALWAYS offer you the option to exchange for another item, wait, or have a refund. You always have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days when your item has not yet shipped. 


Do MiMo Wigs Have Stock Available to Ship immediately?

Whilst it is not possible for us to hold every single style and colour of every manufacturer….. we always aim to hold a large volume of stock to ensure that we have many of the most popular styles of items ready for dispatch for you.


Are There Delays Due to COVID?

Many items from our manufacturing partners can be subject to delay at present, as the safety of factory workers and staff is pivotal in ensuring ethical and safe production of product. 

Although there are some delays at present, we will always have a rough estimated time given to us if your items re back ordered, and we will inform you of this. 

At MiMo, we continue to work daily, and if any items are handled by staff - they are done so with staff using appropriate PPE.



Are all of the wigs and hairpieces new, or could they be another customer return?

We are extremely vigilant when it comes to the stock we sell. We are also very aware of the fact that many of our wonderful customers are undergoing treatments that mean they are immunocompromised and at risk of contracting infection from external pathogens.  

We will NEVER resell any item that has been tried or returned to us by another customer in accordance with the UK hygiene law. Your safety is absolutely pivotal.

This ensures not only your own safety, but ensures the wigs / hairpieces are not compromised with multiple people having tried on. 

Your safety is our priority.


Why does MiMo Wigs not accept a return to resell?

The reason we do not accept a return and resell the items is due to the fact that wigs and hair pieces / headwear are considered to be hygiene and health items. We are happy to act as an intermediary/“middleman” on occasion if a manufacturer will accept back a return - please see our RETURNS & REFUNDS policy


Why don’t all manufacturers accept back a return if the item is unwanted?

Some manufacturers will accept a return if the wig is unworn / still factory packaged and has not been tried on. Many manufacturers will not accept a return unless there is a fault to the wig. This may be for health & safety reasons (due to wigs being medical items) and can also be to ensure there is no compromise to the integrity of the wig caps by multiple people trying on. 


What do I use to wash my wig or topper?

You should always follow the manufacturer advice and guidance with wig care. We do supply a range of hair care for synthetic and human hair wigs. 


Can I use a hairdryer or tongs / straighteners on a synthetic wig or hair piece?

If your wig is standard synthetic, you must NEVER use any heat as the fibres will melt, and the wig or topper will be damaged. 

You can use heated tools on a HEAT FRIENDLY synthetic fibre, or on HUMAN HAIR only. You should ALWAYS use a heat protection spray prior to this and ensure you stay below the safe maximum temperature recommended for your product as per manufacturer guidance.


How Long Will My Wig Or Topper Last?

This is a question that we are asked very often. Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this. Longevity depends on care very often. Other factors like fibre type (synthetic, heat friendly, human hair) and more come in to play.

 A ROUGH guide that many manufacturers state is that

• Synthetic wigs / toppers could be expected to last 6 weeks with good care and handling and with use of the appropriate products. Longer wigs will last a shorter time due to the friction and static damage that can be incurred with rubbing against clothing.

• Human Hair wigs are estimated to last around 5-6 months. However, this depends on hair type (eg remy or non-remy) and manufacturer. The lifespan is also VERY dependent on using appropriate care products and ensuring that you wash at the correct intervals and deep condition as required with appropriate products. 

Please note that FOLLEA state that they would expect at least 1-2 years of life to the wigs they supply with good care and maintenance.


Why are the wigs and hairpieces on this website so expensive?

We sell MEDICAL GRADE wigs and hair pieces. These range in price dependent on the materials used / hair type and cap construction. 

If a wig is 100% hand made, that can take 60-70 hours of work just to have each hair individually tied to the base materials. It is such detailed and incredible work. 

Sourcing of human hair has become particularly difficult over the past year particularly, so the cost of this is high as demand can be higher than supply.