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30% OFF JON RENAU : 4-14 June 2024
30% OFF JON RENAU : 4-14 June 2024



Complaint Process


We hope that you are happy with our service, but if you wish to make a complaint, this is the process.


  • If you feel there is a problem with your item, please contact us as soon as possible by emailing us on with your order number. 


  • Please explain what the problem is, and what you hope can be done to resolve the issue, so that we can advise on next steps.


  • Please supply evidence for your complaint. Any relevant photographs / descriptions of the problem.


  • It is important that if you feel there is a manufacture flaw that you do not attempt to fix this yourself by altering your product,but contact us first.
  • We may ask for more information to help understand and resolve the problem. 
  • We can tell you exactly what we need to make sure we can process it as quickly as possible.
  • We will aim to give timescales (when possible). Please be aware that when we must liaise with manufacturers, there can be a delay before we get back in touch with you regarding further steps required.


  • Please note that some issues can take six to eight weeks - depending on complaint. This is to give us enough time to assess the situation and the evidence. This helps us find an appropriate resolution.

During this time, we may contact you for more information. You can also contact us to see where your complaint is. 

We might reach a decision on your complaint at any time prior to the eight weeks. If we do, we will send you our findings and where relevant, a final solution / offer.