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CODE: BTEDRWJUNE2024 17-30 June 2024
CODE: BTEDRWJUNE2024 17-30 June 2024


MASUMI Headwear and MiMo

Hey beautiful girlies and guys!
Soooooo, I wanted to write a wee blog post fo you all about a Brand close to my own heart........ not from a business perspective, but as a girl living with hairloss....... who NEVER used to opt for headwear! (Ironic, I know!)x 
Some of you know me, MiMo, (or Michelle, for realsies)...... some of you may not. So here is the wee story!
I was contacted by Masumi Headwear back in December 2016 / January 2017 and asked if I would try on a few products and give feedback. 
At this time, I did let the beautiful Anna know - "I am a wig or bald girl.... Headwear / scarvesare just backup for me......they'll never be a first choice" (oh how wrong I was!) I wanted to be totally honest, so I said "if this is ok with you.... I will try, and as I have a terribly eczematous scalp, comfort is always an issue to me - ill keep you posted!"
So a big huuuuuge box of samples arrived for me to try....... and guess what....... something REAAALLLLLLY WEIRD happened! I fell in love pretty quickly! Then, I found myself going out having chosen a top to match my headwear! WHAT?! 
To me this was so strange..... Previously,  I never felt that feminine or pretty in hats or headwear - they were merely a "coverup" option when my head was painful, and skin broken. So yep, my world turned upside down! 
I spoke to Anna and Ali of AVAKINO LTD (parent company of Masumi Headwear)....... and they started to ask so many questions - to take on board all these crazy suggestions and thoughts I had.........
Not only have I discovered beautiful headwear, but a brand with a real passion..... a passion to support those living with hairloss. To inspire us to feel confident and beautiful in our own skin........ I was so blessed to later be asked to be BRAND AMBASSADOR for Masumi Headwear! 

For me, I want every one of you to feel as beautiful as you are.


Sometimes, with any physical image change - we can feel an identity loss, and total confusion / despair. Often we lose confidence in ourselves (if we had much before), and we can feel so low and call ourselves "ugly." It is more than hair - alopecia may not be physically "dangerous", but it does have the potential to be emotionally, and psychologically devastating.


I will not even try to say that headwear will solve all problems - it won't. And... neither will a wig....... HOWEVER, for me.... I have come to realise that I am Michelle!In a wig, headwear, bald, makeup or bare faced. THE SAME GIRL!!!! 


Oddly, alopecia has helped me accept the real me....... Anna and Ali of Masumi have become close friends to me, and the passion and love this beautiful couple have is phenomenal. 


To me, Masumi is more than a company....... it is a BRAND! It is an ethos and the beautiful creations are not only aesthetically wonderful, but they are - indeed - comfortable and truly designed for us with hairloss. This can only happen as the designs come from a place of love. From a couple with true intent to support and help others..... 


I have attached a wee video up above for you guys........ it was a day I was honoured to have. Photoshoots, filming, food - totally unscripted and just talk throughout the day that has been beautifully incorporated to a video. At the bottom, I shall show a wee video of one style and the versatility offered. 



The Brand Ambassador video was created by Masumi Headwear, but it is me speaking from the heart. The focus of the day was to HELP, INSPIRE, AND SUPPORT others with hairloss...... not business promotion. This to me meant the world. And that is - in essence, who Masumi are. What they represent. 


Masumi, to me you are just the definition of your name! True beauty achieved through purity....... MASUMI!



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