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30% OFF JON RENAU : 4-14 June 2024
30% OFF JON RENAU : 4-14 June 2024


NEW JON RENAU HUMAN HAIR - a game changer!

NEW JON RENAU HUMAN HAIR - a game changer!

Well Hello Gorgeous girlies & guys!

This is such an exciting wee blog post we have the opportunity to write for you. And I wholeheartedly mean this! 

If you are a total lover of Human Hair Wigs, and strive to find the most natural look, this is very exciting indeed!
For Spring 2023, Jon Renau have launched their new "REIMAGINED HUMAN HAIR" collection, and this is the ultimate in premium grade hair and we are so excited! 
We have tried and tested this hair, and there is something so special ahead now!
The "Reimagined Collection,' features 100% Chinese Remy silky Grade A human hair, and this hair is probably the best (certainly top 2) we have ever had the privilege to wear!


So let's talk about the cap styles! Three of these styles (Brandy, Phoenix, Colbie) are on a fully hand tied cap with double monofilament top. This is such a gorgeous cap and very good for those with sensitive scalps. This is just a lovely change from the hand tied smartlace cap. We shall insert the diagram of the cap for you here - if you are irritated by the welded lace fronts, these three may be a good option for you! 





THE ROLLS ROYCE IN CAPS  is the cap we see with this absolutely stunning LAYLA wig! The Swiss lace front is smooth against the forehead, and gives such a natural look.

The French knotted top is THE EPITOME OF NATURAL in wigs. The hair is secured to Swiss lace after passing through a layer of glass silk. There is also a layer of glass silk below the lace. 

The cap on Layla has closed wefts. WE LOVE THIS! This gives the hair so much more security on the cap and reduces the risk of shedding whilst ensuring maximal comfort to the wearer - it feels like a hand tied cap (also behaves well like one for fancy updos). 




Layla by Jon Renau • Shaded praline 12FS8 • REIMAGINED HUMAN HAIR at MiMo Wigss

Layla's cap is what truly makes her stand out to us. The most natural in a cap we have ever seen. If you are someone who is worried about your wigs being noticed due to dark knots on the hair line - this wee amazing style could be the answer to your prayers!

Jon Renau have crafted this luxurious and natural finish that is the highest level of workmanship we have seen. The French knotted silk top transitions to swisss lace front, and the closed wefts ensure no skin irritation from hairs poking through - this is especially important to those with sensitive scalps with alopecia, and those we painful scalps following chemotherapy.

Layla by Jon Renau • Brownie Finalé - 4 • REIMAGINED HUMAN HAIR at MiMo Wigss

The Layla wig is the only wig that we see currently on this cap, but we hope that Jon Renau will make more of these, as this is a special launch and we would go as far as to say the best cap in the market at present. No obvious return hairs or flyaway spikes, natural density and hair that feels like silk even after multiple washes, and even after being left to air dry. (you Should style your wig and blow dry rather than allow to air dry, but we had to run the test to assess this hair quality). 

We were excited with the expansion to the Jon Renau European wigs in store. However, this Chinese Remy hair is by far our favourite hair and it is so silky soft and top quality! Thank you Jon Renau! 

We have a photo of Michelle wearing this style in shade 12FS8 and shade 4. We will be sure to add more photos of this in more colours over time. This is currently the wig we rate to be the best across all brands for quality, value for money, natural look and premium hair. HIGHLY recommended!

Thanks Jon Renau! Guys, you can SEE LAYLA HERE




We have a gorgeous long wig called BRANDY - she is a double monofilament hand tied cap, and is truly stunning. Michelle has tried this in the gorgeous Palm Springs Blonde (FS17/101s18) and it is just magical! If you suffer with a sensitive scalp, this is a beautiful cap and such a natural look! We did notice that the shade appears slightly warmer than the usual Palm Springs blonde human hair that is a blend, but we can easily cool this with Jon Renau In Tone Violet Shampoo 








Phoenix by Jon Renau • MiMo Wigs custom colour

The next gorgeous style we have is PHOENIX by Jon Renau - a mid / long length human hair Chinese Remy style on the Double Mono Hand Tied Jon Renau cap.

Another amazing new addition to the human hair range, and once again in the new premium hair quality - we are most definitely in love.

Michelle has this in the blonde shade 14/88H and has custom coloured this to a vibrant orange - it is a gorgeous style.








Colbie by Jon Renau in Malibu Blonde • 12FS12

Our next amazing style is the beautiful COLBIE. If you are a lover of shoulder length / below chin type lengths, this is for you!

This is very similar in style to the Carrie wig, but with a gorgeous Double Mono hand tied cap. Colbie is luxury and the silky smooth hair is unrivalled.

We are pretty sure she will sell out soon after launch, so we are very excited to get our preorder in and try to snap one of these up.

We have inserted a photo of then beautiful Tamara wearing the 12FS12 • Malibu Blonde shade. Truly Stunning!!!! 


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