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Love is in the Hair at MiMo 30% OFF JON RENAU 2-11 Mar 2024
Love is in the Hair at MiMo 30% OFF JON RENAU 2-11 Mar 2024



Continental Wigs - MiMo Wigs Business Buddy | Belle Madame Wigs | UK Europe Worldwide
So this may be a little bit of a new thing for you all to see, and maybe unheard of between businesses and what can technically be considered as "competitors."
MiMo Wigs and Continental Wigs have lately gotten to become "business buddies," (unsure how else to describe - but woohoo it is exciting!).......... and what does that mean?
First of all, let's give a summary: 
is owned by Michael Lamont, and is a family run business which was born back in 2003.
Continental Wigs began in a garage at Michael's home, and has grown today to be loved and well respected the world over, and the team strive to help those living with hairloss, as well as fashionistas who for fun / fashion have become true wig lovers!
As you guys know, MiMo Wigs is owned by Michelle Moffatt (me) and was born due to the fact that I live with hairloss and wanted to help others in this wee world - to be a part of this industry to assist girlies with finding their perfect hair......
Lately, MiMo & Continental have become buddies, and whilst we are absolutely two separate entities, and not with any formal business connection / ties........ we are both keen on helping all of you amazingly gorgeous girlies out there - and what better a way, than to work together! 
We will have more workings together coming very soon, and keep your eyes peeled for some collaborative work between us! (spoiler alert...... Belle Madame wig reviews coming soon from MiMO AND CONTINTENTAL!)
Still not convinced? Here are some video reviews By
MiMo for Continental :